5 Reasons to Avoid Black Friday

Black Friday is perhaps one of the most notorious shopping days of the year. Retailers get shoppers hyped with blow out deals and limited quantities, and shoppers line up hours in advance to get the best chance at procuring the items they need to create the ultimate holiday gift-giving experience.

While Black Friday shopping may seem exhilarating, it is actually not worth the effort. In fact, you may find that just sitting on the sidelines of Black Friday this year to the be best decision you’ve ever made regarding the holidays. The 5 major reasons you should avoid Black Friday shopping and ultimately save yourself some money include:

It’s Downright Dangerous

The hype that retail stores create surrounding the limited quantity of blow out items they have on sale gets people all riled up. They begin lining up to get their hands on the latest gaming consoles or season’s hottest dolls at midnight, and wait in the cold until 5 am when doors open, leading to an angry, sleep deprived mob stampeding through the doors. Last year, several people were hurt and even killed due to Black Friday shopping mobs. Let’s face it. Emergency room bills are never inexpensive, and funerals are even more costly. Stay warm and safe in your own home.

You Can Shop Online

Online retailers have long boasted lower prices than retail stores, and they are still essentially cheaper during the holidays. Online stores even have Black Friday deals, and you don’t have to worry about lines or hordes. In fact, you can sit at home in your pajamas and enjoy a cup of coffee while receiving 50 to 75 percent off retail prices – a much more comfortable and budget friendly option.

Quality Isn’t High

Electronics are generally the hottest items during Black Friday sales. Shoppers are able to get laptops for $150 and flat screen TVs for $299. However, these electronics usually aren’t the high quality brands that are worth buying. Instead, they are the cheaper brands that retailers often struggle to get off their shelves during the normal shopping season. In other words, you will be spending quite a bit of money on a product that isn’t worth it.

Plan on Going Over Budget

Unless you are attending Black Friday sales for one thing and one thing only, there is a good chance that you will spend more than your budget allows simply because you believe you are getting good deals. Those DVDs that you didn’t intend to buy will look more enticing because they are $5 a pop, as will those fleeces that are only $15, and those cameras because you could pick them up for $75. Before you know it, you’ll be spending $300 on items that aren’t even on your list, will probably miss out on the main items you were shopping for because of their limited quantity, and will be pulling out title loans to cover your mortgage.

Car Wrecks Increase

Hundreds of people flock to malls and strip malls in search of the best holiday buys, and most of these people aren’t too happy about it – especially at 3 in the morning. People are fighting to get the best spot in line, and are often aggressive in parking lots too. In fact, the number of minor accidents is more likely to increase around Black Friday which means that you may not only miss out on that primo parking spot, but you may also wind up with damage to your car and higher insurance too.

Black Friday may be a great way to participate in some holiday frenzy, but overall it isn’t worth the damage that it can potentially do to your budget. Instead of waking up early to shop with the masses, consider waking up whenever convenient to enjoy some light holiday shopping. Not only will you get great deals, but you won’t have to worry about being trampled or overspending.

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