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Crazy Frugal Stories that Might Save You Money

(Guest Post by Darwin) Frugality has certainly come of age over the past few years following the global financial malaise.  I’ve always been into frugalhacks since I grew up in a house with frugal parents.  But most of my behaviors would probably be considered relatively tame or routine for this crowd.  Some people however, […]

The Many Ways to Reduce Credit Card Debt

The world lives on credit and, unfortunately, much of it is dying on credit. Among the American households that have credit card debt, the average amount owed is more than $15,000, and this is in addition to auto payments, mortgages and other forms of debt. Imagine if they had known […]

Saving your Business Money when Gas Prices are Rising

The double-dip recession that has taken a firm grip of the UK’s economy has made it hard for businesses looking to save money, and the fact that gas prices are rising dramatically isn’t helping their cause. All of the so-called ‘Big Six’ energy companies have recently hiked up their prices […]

Organize your Personal Finances

Are you chuckling at the idea of the words ‘organize’ and ‘finances’ in the same sentence? Then this article is for you. Getting on top of the money in your pocket and bank accounts is easy with this 3 step guide: 1. Take Stock Doing a reality check of all […]

Australian Banks Rush to up Credit Limits as the Rules Change

On July 1, Australian reforms come into effect banning banks from luring their customers into raising their credit limits. Because of this, various banks, including HSBC, ANZ, BankWest, and the Commonwealth Bank are sending messages by SMS, internet accounts or post trying to get their existing customers to agree to […]

5 Tips to Manage Your Debt

A big part of staying out of debt trouble is managing the debt you have. Follow these five debt management tips and you should be in good shape. 1. Pay down higher interest debt first If you’re carrying a balance on more than one credit card, make your biggest payment […]

Balance Transfer Considerations

Opening a new account with a promotional 0% balance transfer offer is an excellent way to save money on interest while paying off a balance. But although these transfers can seem like relatively straightforward transactions, there are some nuances that cardholders should consider. First, be aware that it is not […]

Exercise Advice for Older People

Getting exercise as you get older is not just important for maintaining your health: it can help reduce your life insurance premiums and the need for healthcare as you age. Follow these tips for success when exercising. There are a few things you need to bear in mind before starting […]

Planning For College: A Task Best Started In Infancy

Most people are well aware that getting a college degree can be quite costly these days. Whether you’re attending a private school or state university, a junior college or even an online program, the expenses paid in tuition, books, and room and board can easily exceed the spending capacity of […]