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The Pros and Cons of Buying Life Insurance

It is really nice if a person has his own life insurance policy and I can attest to that with all my heart.  When I bought my first life insurance policy many years ago, it was a time when I recently got married and after a year, we have our […]

How to Save on Your Health Insurance Premiums

Health is one of the most important factors you need to pay attention to if you want to live life in the most meaningful way. In order to achieve this purpose, one of the things you can do is to purchase an appropriate health insurance plan that can cover all […]

Life Insurance For High Risk Individuals

Life insurance for high risk individuals is normally given to two groups of people. The first is to individuals who work or participate in hazardous activities or works such as vehicle racing, rock climbing, flying as pilots, and sky diving amongst other. The second group of people are those with […]

What Are Your Over 50s Life Insurance Options?

Considering one’s mortality is a rather uncomfortable subject, so people tend to avoid it. They may avoid it so long that they reach their 50s without ever having purchased life insurance, but they are aware that they would like to provide their families with a sum of money to help […]

How to Plan Your Health Care Future

Health care in America has always been a divisive and controversial topic. There are people on the far right of the political spectrum who want to see the market go completely unregulated without any rules. On the left side of the spectrum, you will encounter those who have an interest […]

Why You Should Consider Home Insurance

The main question you need to ask yourself when thinking about the topic of Home Insurance is ‘Can you afford to rebuild your home and replace all your belongings’? In most cases, presumably the common answer would be no. A person’s home is usually the largest asset they’ll ever own, […]

Do Homemakers Need Income Protection Insurance?

(Guest post by Shaun in Australia) The tradition when buying both life insurance and income protection insurance has always been that if a person doesn’t earn any money, you don’t need to (or can’t) insure them. However, this doesn’t take account of the fact that although homemakers don’t bring any […]