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Planning For College: A Task Best Started In Infancy

Most people are well aware that getting a college degree can be quite costly these days. Whether you’re attending a private school or state university, a junior college or even an online program, the expenses paid in tuition, books, and room and board can easily exceed the spending capacity of […]

Wise Financial Words to Ignore

Chances are you’ve heard all types of financial advice and wise tidbits from well-meaning relatives since before taking on your first part-time job, but how much of it is true exactly? Advice to Ignore: Put 10% of your income in savings. While these words of wisdom seem true enough, the […]

Save Money On Your Holiday Travel

Winter has arrived for most of us, meaning that the days are getting shorter and colder. It also means that the holiday season is right around the corner. The holidays mean different things for different people, but most of us would agree that family and relaxation become more important and […]

Stop Buying Big, Expensive Objects

Tips on how to save money are a dime a dozen, a quarter a dozen with inflation. Everybody’s got their sure-fire way, but the truth is everybody’s financial situation is different—only you know how you can save money. Big, expensive objects should be the first to go. Keep the visions […]

Advantages to Working From Home

Working from home can have many advantages. Not only do you not have to change out of your pajamas but you also can make a host of deductions when you efile your taxes. The kind of deductions you can make depends on what type of businesses you have, whether or […]

7 Every Day Items that Can Save You Money

We’re are constantly on-the-go and creatures of convenience which can put a huge drain on our budgets. Every dollar spent out can easily be stretched much farther when used within the home. If you are looking for ways to save money while still being able to enjoy your everyday conveniences, […]