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Know the Facts: Credit Card Protection Offers

Ever gotten a phone call offering you “loss protection” insurance for your credit card? While it might sound promising, consider taking the FTC’s (Federal Trade Commission) advice: Don’t buy it. Very often, these credit card protection offers are scams that use your concern about identity theft to take advantage of […]

Better Your Finances with Online Calculators

Figuring out where you can save more money and which creditors you need to be more adamant about paying is no easy task. Unless you are generally good with math, the thought of calculating interest rates, payment plans, and kilowatt usage per dollar can be downright overwhelming. However, there are […]

Just What is a Roth IRA?

The Roth Individual Retirement Arrangement (or Roth IRA) is a system of saving for retirement and is named after the senator who promoted it.  This is an alternative saving system and while there are plenty of standard IRA plans it can be difficult to choose the right one.  Many people […]

Safest Cars of 2012

Most 2012 car models are now on sale. For many buyers, safety is a key factor they look at when they are deciding what type of vehicle to buy. Drivers want to keep themselves and their families safe. Buyers face numerous decisions when deciding which vehicle is right for them […]

7 Steps to Take If Your Identity is Stolen

In 2010, over 8 million Americans became victims of identity theft. Often times, we will not even know we are victims until applying for a loan or check our credit report. The thieves are becoming very creative in their ways. It is up to us to become educated on the […]