Exercise Advice for Older People

Getting exercise as you get older is not just important for maintaining your health: it can help reduce your life insurance premiums and the need for healthcare as you age. Follow these tips for success when exercising.

There are a few things you need to bear in mind before starting your exercise programme. Always visit your doctor for a check up. They can help you set up a fitness programme you can manage and won’t risk injury.

Start slowly and be realistic. If you have mobility issues and need a Stannah stairlift around the home; if you think you’re going to go out running every day for two weeks and get fit, you’ve got another thing coming.

Firstly, you probably won’t be able to move after a few days (so you’ll be grateful of that stair lift hire ) and after two weeks if you’ve shown little improvement, you’ll be more inclined to give up.

Take your Time

Getting fit takes time. Set yourself achievable goals and plan your exercise. It’s easier to stick to a plan than to just exercise ‘when the mood takes you’. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to think of an excuse not to. You could even go with a friend. Having the motivation and encouragement of a companion could be the impetus you both need.

Know your Limits

Don’t overdo it either. If something is sore then rest. Injuries have a habit of getting worse unless they are given time to fully recover. You might want to get out there and exercise but you have to think of the big picture. Fitness is holistic – your lungs might be able to take a marathon but if your knee can only go 100 yards it’s immaterial. Think about what you eat and drink. Health and fitness is just as much about diet as it is exercise. Cut out saturated fats and cram in protein, fruit and vegetables.

Keep It Up

Last of all, always keep going. Even if it’s hard and you think you’re not getting anywhere, next week could be the big break through you’re looking for. It’s all good for you in the end.

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