Life Insurance For High Risk Individuals

Life insurance for high risk individuals is normally given to two groups of people. The first is to individuals who work or participate in hazardous activities or works such as vehicle racing, rock climbing, flying as pilots, and sky diving amongst other. The second group of people are those with health conditions that are hard to insure such as cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.

Because of the dangers these individuals are exposed to, they therefore need an insurance based on their higher risk. This form of insurance is different from term life insurance that covers one only for a number of years. Term life insurance Illinois for example is a simple and cheap form of insurance compared to other forms of life insurance. These offer solutions to both businesses and families. Because the risks taken are higher, the premiums for high risk life insurance are always higher than the standard premiums. The premiums are dependent on either age or gender of the individual.

However, more and more companies are now covering high risk individuals and these premiums are not necessarily high. To help in purchasing insurance for high risk individuals, one needs an agent that specializes in this kind of insurance so as to get affordable coverage.

High risk life insurance covers can take different forms depending on the conditions such as;

Life insurance covering patients taking blood pressure medications

Blood pressure medications will always affect the rating of life insurance. This is determined by how stable one’s blood pressure has been in the past, for example in a year or so with the medication he/she has been taking. Therefore for those individuals whose pressures have been unstable, they are likely to pay more in terms of premium as compared to those whose pressures has been stable. Also the age and gender will have an impact on pressure thus an important factor to consider in this life assurance.

Life insurance and diabetes

Charges for this condition will depend on the following factors: Treatment which is important in managing the disease. Other activities that may help include exercises and diet; diabetes under control; this is when its stabilized thus variations and the amounts of money paid in terms of premiums, the age and the time that has elapsed since diagnosis of the condition will also play a pivotal role in determining the rates of premiums to be paid. The older and one will be the higher the rates and vice versa.

Cholesterol and life insurance

This is one of the components of fats that has adverse health implications especially to the heart when consumed thus may put one at risk of dying if levels are very high. The higher the level of cholesterol, the higher the insurance rates and vice versa. This is because high levels will always mean that the patient is at high risk of succumbing to lifestyle diseases sooner. This may also include individuals who are obese; the body mass index will be used to determine this important parameter before deciding on the insurance premiums to be paid. The lower the body mass index the lower the premiums and vice versa.

Other areas that are considered high risk include; cancer, hepatitis, epilepsy and neurological diseases.

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