Look like a Celebrity on a Regular Budget

When most people think about getting in shape and improving their lifestyle, they tend to picture expensive gym memberships, outlandish cosmetic surgery, and overpriced organic vegetables that rot if not immediately consumed. While television glamorizes these techniques, they are usually just ways to make reality TV stars look cool or a device used to further a plot on a sitcom. It is easy for real people on real budgets to find ways to improve their health while saving money.

Get Ripped

Ad Executives want you to think that by wearing shoes that claim to tone your lower body while you walk will give you the figure of someone like Kim Kardashian. According to Consumer Reports, the shoes advertised by Ms. Kardashian are actually detrimental to your health. Instead of purchasing products that claim to work miracles, try taking breaks from the computer to stretch, do push-ups, or crunches.

The tried and true ways of getting lean and staying in shape are also excellent ways to save cash. If you live close to work, walking or riding a bike will save on gas costs and vehicle maintenance. You can visit a museum instead of plopping down money for a movie ticket, popcorn, and soda at the local megaplex (just remember the movie will be on RedBox in a couple of weeks).

Eat Your Veggies

The organic food trend has taken America full swing ahead. Consumers have grown weary of purchasing cheaper produce at the grocery store for fear of artificial engineering and possibly harmful pesticides. While eating organic is a reasonable way to stay healthy, costs at specialty grocery stores can skyrocket your food budget.

Instead of scanning the aisles of these retail outlets, try checking out your city’s farmer’s market. The best in seasonal quality and variety can be found right down the street. Most farmers are looking to sell their entire stock before the end of the day, so buying in bulk can save you money. According to Retirement Calculator, Retirees have been using money saving tips such as freezing and canning produce and turning it into a money-saving hobby.

Party like an Adult

If you watch the show Jersey Shore, you probably already know about the detrimental effects of binge drinking. While I am not here to judge your lifestyle, tying on a serious buzz at the bar can leave you seriously strapped for cash.

There are many social activity sites like Singles on the Go where you can meet like-minded people and share a conversation over something like learning acoustic guitar, crocheting, and even paintballing. Instead of trying to meeting a random person at a bar, you are guaranteed to already have something in common.

The next time you watch TV or flip through a magazine remember the people in it have tons of money to spend on frivolous food, equipment, and procedures. Why spend like them when you can easily look like them for much less?

Ryan Sandberg is a freelance writer living in St. Louis, Missouri.

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