Online Shopping: This Time It’s Personal

The internet is quite a fertile landscape for bargain hunters stalking their prey – big fat discounts on great merchandise.

Besides the major retailers’ websites which provide coupons on a regular basis, there are a plethora of sites out there which save you money and time by consolidating the biggest deals on the internet into one convenient place. Sears, JC Penny, Reebok, and countless other retailers often present exclusive deals to these sites, which in turn offer these bargains to their members.

Through printable coupons and online offer codes, it is not unusual to find savings of up to 50% and more from major retailers on these pages.

Helping to make these sites even more valuable for online shoppers, is that they offer discounts on local services as well as from the big boys. Financial discount websites have a rather sizeable list of bargains from local merchants right in your area. You simply navigate to your locality, and click on a category from arts, to health, to travel, and you will find some great deals and printable coupons. A virtual clearinghouse of all things shopping, these websites also offer an advice page.

Here members can post news on sales they’ve seen off-site, post questions on a purchase they’re about to make, or offer advice on purchases they’ve already made.

For more weighty financial advice, one should visit a financial blog. Here you can find informative articles of every stripe. There are articles of national interest, focusing in on how much we are saving as a nation, and those of a more personal nature such as the cheapest times to take a vacation. There is even an article on how to save for your child’s retirement. Yes, your child’s retirement.

These blogs can be entertaining as well as informative. Most of the content is open to anyone surfing by, but many do require that you set up an account with them to enjoy the full benefits of their services. These memberships, for the vast majority of these sites, are free. Membership does have its privileges. On some blogs you must be a member to post on their site. Posting is not only a fun way to stay connected to other members of the site, but is also a productive way to share information and coupons with like-minded members. While we all love shopping at our major dotcoms, these consolidators can sometimes offer us the same or better deals, and with a little more of a personal touch.

Guest post by Jason Collazo

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