Saving your Business Money when Gas Prices are Rising

The double-dip recession that has taken a firm grip of the UK’s economy has made it hard for businesses looking to save money, and the fact that gas prices are rising dramatically isn’t helping their cause. All of the so-called ‘Big Six’ energy companies have recently hiked up their prices to reflect how this commodity has become more expensive, but with suppliers charging at least an extra 15% to their customers, what options do businesses have available to them when they want and have to spend less on gas?

On the face of it, there’s very little that can be done about rising gas prices. As gas is a finite resource, it’s inevitable that it will continue to get more expensive, which might put people off using gas altogether and look at alternative sources of energy. Fortunately there are a few ways in which businesses can reduce the amount they spend on gas, including ones that may be a little surprising to business owners who feel that there’s nothing that can be done to combat rising gas bills.

Cutting down on gas use might seem impossible, especially during winter when the weather turns too cold, but if using it when it’s not needed, turning it off might help save a few pounds here and there. Doing this regularly will cut down on waste and make monthly bills look slightly less scary. While some companies don’t do this, others do, which leaves their remaining options limited. Looking at renewable energy is one of them, although it can be expensive to install solar panels or wind turbines, while they can be unreliable even at the best of times.

Something that many savvy business people do to reduce their gas bills is shop around for the best deals on offer from different energy suppliers. Many business owners feel that the Big Six charge too much, and with the help of Make It Cheaper energy saving, they can move to a different supplier and pay less for gas, and with improved customer service to boot. A spokesperson explained why switching suppliers can be extremely beneficial for businesses looking to save money on gas:

“Research that we carried out amongst our own customers revealed that they went to smaller suppliers because they were offered better customer service and cheaper prices, while they also told us about problems with billing and customer service with their previous gas suppliers. Reasons like that saw Make It Cheaper enter business: they wanted to help businesses save money on energy, which is something that every company wants to do.”

Make it cheaper are to hold a special event for businesses in the Twickenham area wanting to reduce their energy costs, where the main attraction is a Q&A session on small business issues with Business Secretary Vince Cable. The two-hour-long event, which will take place on Thursday 6th September from 6pm-8pm, will also have networking opportunities and specialist advice for businesses in the local area. The venue is The Albany, 1 Queen’s Road, Strawberry Hill, Twickenham TW1 4EZ.

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