Stop Buying Big, Expensive Objects

Tips on how to save money are a dime a dozen, a quarter a dozen with inflation. Everybody’s got their sure-fire way, but the truth is everybody’s financial situation is different—only you know how you can save money. Big, expensive objects should be the first to go. Keep the visions of emerald rings in your head, tying the knot is important to your future too. But let’s face it, you don’t need a warehouse full of computers in order to make life meaningful.

The following objects (products, devices, things—whatever you want to call them) you can seriously do without:

  1. Flatscreen TV. Come on. What are you, a CEO? A flatscreen looks really out of place in most apartments. And do you really need to see Snooki drunkenly screaming in HD? Didn’t think so.
  2. iPad. It seems like the whole point of having an iPad is to take it to the coffee shop and make other people jealous while you post on Facebook about your new iPad. Most of applications people use this device for can be done just as effectively at home, on a desktop.
  3. A smartphone that thinks for you. Okay, a phone makes sense. Texting makes sense (to an extent). Even mobile Internet use makes sense. But the newest smartphones, the ones with Siri and other apps, just seem like pocket computers from the future. Which is to say, they don’t make a whole lot of sense most of the time. Apps are cool, if they’re useful. Otherwise they’re just incoherent forms of entertainment. The newest smartphones are incredibly expensive. Pass.
  4. Car speakers. You don’t have front row seats at a Daft Punk show, your speakers shouldn’t be emanating vibrations that can be felt three states away. Obviously, it’s great being able to listen to music while you drive. But do you really need to break the bank in order to be able to hear every synthesizer in Rush’s Tom Sawyer?
  5. Rims. While we’re on the subject of cars, rims are just about the most incomprehensible expense imaginable. It would take a smartphone to figure out why people spend a grand or more putting chrome prison bars on the sides of their tires. Don’t do it. Save the money for smarter, more necessary things.

These are merely five objects—things—that people pole vault over each other in order to flush money down the toilet purchasing. Purchasing one in the span of five years is reasonable. But anything more than that puts you in the red zone for gratuitous spending. If you’re trying to save money—pen these items on your ‘do not think about’ list.

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