8 Tips to Save Money while Budget Traveling with your family

Traveling with your family does not necessarily mean that you will end up spending all your savings. With a little bit of planning and using money saving tips, you can make family trips a lot cheaper, at the same time enjoying all the fond memories with your kids. Here are some top tips to save money while budget traveling with your family.

1) Always plan ahead – When traveling with family, it is always good to plan ahead. Do your research and find the best priced hotels and restaurants in the areas you will be visiting. Also plan on how you will be traveling around, by bus or the local transport system. Use the cheapest option available. Never pay for pricey guided tours. Plan your tours and use public transport. Taking the subways or bus will save you money instead of calling a cab or renting a car.

2) Try to avoid peak season – Tourist destinations are over crowded during peak seasons and airline rates are also sky high during these months. Similarly, traveling during the summers or near Christmas is also not good as flights are mostly over booked during peak travel season.

3) Use coupons – With a little research, you can find coupons for the area you are traveling to. Coupons help to cut the costs of a trip significantly.

4) Take advantage of deals – If a local hotel offers free breakfast with accommodation, go for it. Find other deals in the area and also look for Happy Hour deals at local restaurants to save on food costs.

5) Dine out wisely – If you are traveling, it does not necessarily mean that you have to dine out every day. Hit the local grocery shop and buy some fruits, snacks and drinks etc. to take with you to your hotel. The same snacks, drinks and water will be available at the hotel at inflated prices.

6) Carry non prescriptive drugs a first-aid kit with you – With kids, you never know when something might go wrong. If you have your own first-aid kit, you will be able to take care of minor scratches and bruises if there is an accident. If a kid falls ill, catches a cold or allergy, use the non prescriptive medicines to deal with the problem instead of rushing to the pharmacy.

7) Pack smart and light – Do not carry toiletries with you. Use the ones provided by the hotel, but carry other essentials with you. Make a list of all the items you may need on the trip, like toothbrushes and floss and carry it with you, or else you will be spending a lot of the trip buying these extra essentials. Remember not to over-stuff your baggage, as it will only lead to extra fees at the airport if it is not within the weight limits.

8) Visit night markets for most of your shopping – You do not have to do all your shopping from the super mall. Visit a night market to buy all the souvenirs and stuff you want to buy.

Always plan your trip, have a budget and stick to it. But remember, that money is not more important than your family’s safety.

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