Wasting Too Much Money On Clothing? Learn To Sew

Save Money With Basic Sewing Skills

The clothes that we buy are a major expense for us and for our families. When you get a shirt or pair of pants for a child and they do not fit like you want, what would you do? Most people either give the clothes away or throw them in the trash.

While these are choices that are commonly made, they are not necessarily the best options to consider. With some basic sewing skills, you would be able to adjust the sizes of those clothing items and keep using them. By simply redoing a seam or fixing a busted hem, you could have the clothes back to their original condition in no time. While sewing used to be a basic life skills for many people, today’s generation does not know how to sew in general. If you take the time that it requires to learn how to sew, you could potentially save quite a bit of money every single year.

Adjusting Sizes

If you’ve ever had kids, you know how quickly they grow out of clothes, and how rough they can be on them. With some basic sewing skills, you will be able to adjust sizes and shirts and pants so that your kids will be able to wear them longer. You could potentially buy clothing that is just a little bit big for your kids and then allow them to grow into it. Then when the clothing doesn’t fit quite right, you can adjust it so that it fits your kids for a little longer.

Fixing Damage

In addition to being able to adjust the sizes of clothing for your family, you will also be able to repair damaged clothing. Instead of throwing it in the trash after it’s been damaged, you can fix it. For example, if your child tears a hole in the knee of his new pants, you can simply put a patch on them and they can keep wearing them. This will allow you to keep the pants longer and put off buying new ones.

Money Saving

Learning some sewing skills has the potential to save you quite a bit of money in the long run. If you had to take your clothes to a tailor every time you needed them adjusted or repaired, it could get pretty expensive. Tailors may charge by the hour or by the garment and they usually have a minimum charge for their services. If you know how to sew, you can simply handle this job by yourself and skip out on the tailor’s fees.

By sewing, you not only can eliminate the bills from the tailor, you can also put off buying clothes longer. If you have a quality piece of clothing, it could last for many years without any problems. A simple tear in a seam could relegate that piece of clothing to the dumpster. Instead of throwing it out, you can just fix it and avoid having to buy a new shirt to replace it. Since you will not have to spend as much money on clothing, you can allocate more of your money to other aspects of your budget instead.

What You Need

In order to sew, you don’t really have to invest a lot of money. All you really need is some thread and a needle to get the job done. While some people think that you need to have a sewing machine to sew, you really don’t. While a sewing machine could make things a little easier, you could just as easily use a needle and thread. If you plan on doing a lot of sewing, investing in a sewing machine would be a worthwhile expense. They’re really not that expensive and they can help you get the job done quickly.

Learning to Sew

When it comes to learning how to sew, there are plenty of ways that you can learn. One of the easiest ways is to learn from a friend or family member that already knows how to sew. You could get involved with a local sewing club in your area and learn from people in the club. There are also a number of online tutorials that will make it possible for you to learn how to sell on your own time. By watching videos and reading guides online, you should be able to get an idea of the steps you need to take. Some of the videos and guides are free, while other online courses will require a minimum investment on your part.

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